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Walking with God - 6/12

The Power of the Will

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The will is the power given by God to humans to be able to choose between good and evil; and is crucial in overcoming sin. In every decision we make the will is exercised. When tempted, we should exercise our will to choose to do right, and than surrender to the Lord so that He may give the power to overcome.

The truth of self surrender to God and the results of it are only experienced, not theologized. Theoretical knowledge of truth is not sufficient. Truth has to be experienced.

The world is run by the principle: “If it feels good, do it”. The Bible on the other hand asks for reasoning and to make a choice (Joshua 24:15). Joseph, when Potiphar’s wife asked to lie with her, was controlled by reason and so he refused although he knew he will have to pay a high price as a result. On the other hand David, when he saw Bathsheba bathing, he permitted his passions to control his rational faculties – “If it feels good, do it”.

Unless you understand the power of the will and how to deal with it, you will always remain a slave of your appetites and passions; you will always remain a slave of satan. The will is the God given power to humanity to be able to choose freely between right and wrong. Whenever we make a choice, be it small or great, we exercise the will. For example, in the morning the will is exercised when you have to choose what to wear, eat, etc. Choosing to die to self or not is also exercising the will.

Satan comes through the feelings and appetites to control the will (Genesis 3:4-6). When tempted in Eden, Eve was controlled through the appetite, feelings, and all her decision making power was controlled by satan. Jesus, on the other hand surrendered the feelings to the control of reason (Matthew 4:1-4). True religion does not have to do with the feelings, but with the will. The secret of overcoming sin is to surrender the will to the control of God. When we sin we have surrendered the control of the will to satan. Unless the will is surrendered to Jesus, satan controls it. Thus there is no power to resist temptation (see Romans 6:16).

Heaven will be entered by those who do the will of God (Matthew 7:21). God requires His will to be kept (Hebrews 10:36, 1 John 2:17), but cannot be so by humans on their own. If we yield our will to God, He will work in us to will and to do according to His good pleasure. You cannot do God’s will, but you can choose “this day whom you will serve”. Ask God to help you do so. When tempted, make the right choice, than surrender to the Lord so that He will give you the power to overcome.
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