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Walking with God - 5/12

Dying to Self

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A Christian is one who has made a radical death commitment with Jesus Christ. One who is dead to self is freed from sin. It is necessary to die to self because it is an enemy of God, cannot keep the law, and is completely wicked.

Unless we take the cross, unless our lives are fully committed to Christ, we are not Christ’ disciples. If this takes place, it will transform our lives.

A Christian is one who has made a radical death commitment with Jesus Christ. The carnal mind (or self, or the old man) mentioned by Paul in Romans 8:7 can refer to a Christian that is not fully committed to Christ. I need to die to self because the natural me, the unregenerate me, is simply an enemy of God. As long as self rules my life, I cannot keep God’s law – I am an enemy of God.

In Romans 7:13-20, sin (self) is controlling Paul. He wanted to keep the law, but could not. He did not have a beautiful Christian experience (Romans 7:24). There are people that have not peace who are constantly struggling to achieve the standard, but cannot because self is ruling them. We need to die to self because it is an enemy of God, cannot keep His commandments, is completely wicked. The only way out is for self to die. The most wonderful experience a human can have is to surrender and die to self – he will be set free.

What does it mean to deny self? Peter when he denied Jesus, he said “I do not know the Man” (Matthew 26:72). When Jesus is asking us to deny self, He is asking us to come to the point where we say “I do not know the man” – I have nothing to do with this man or woman.

There are four areas that we need to die to when we die to self. When one dies to self, it is who that person is that is done away with (Galatians 2:19, 20). Dying to self is not feeling like it. It is not by feeling, but by faith. There are a number of areas that must go when dying to self:
a) Now apply what you know about the state of the dead. How much does a dead person know, do, own, has rights to, love, hate? Nothing. When you die in Christ you make a commitment to Jesus that from now on you have no opinions; is only what Jesus thinks that counts; you own nothing, Jesus does, etc.
b) A dead person does not hold grudges of others – forgive others (Matthew 6:14, 15). Ask the Lord to bring to your mind all the wrongs people have done to you from childhood. When they come to your mind, say “Lord empower me to forgive and love them”. Forgive them (Matthew 5:43-45). Jesus was the most abused, yet He never carried even one grudge. He loved them all.
c) You need to take full ownership of your sins. Start from childhood, and recognize before the Lord that you are guilty of all your wrongs. As long as you blame someone else for your sins, the Lord cannot forgive you. But if you confess your sins, He will forgive you and cleanse you from all unrighteousness (see 1 John 1:9). Now lay the burden at the foot of the cross. Come unto Me all you who labour and are heavy laden, that I may give you rest, and take My yoke upon you. Once you have taken full ownership, let satan never remind you of those sins again. The world and I are crucified (Galatians 6:14). When we die to the world we die to everything the world stands for (fashions, entertainments, etc) (1 John 2:15, 16). Dying to self also means to die to sin (Romans 6:2, 4-7). A crucified person is freed from sin.
d) A dead person has died to the (control) of the law (Romans 7:4-6). When you die you die to your own tricks to be obedient. It is the Holy Spirit who will fulfil the law in you (Romans 8:4). Someone who is dead will not break the law. It is not you who has to obey the law, but Christ in you.

There are five simple steps to be taken to become a brand new creation in Christ:
1. Whether you feel it or not, make a decision today to die to self. Forgive anyone, and take full ownership of everything wrong you have done.
2. Once you have made the commitment to die, invite Jesus in your life.
3. Surrender your will to God.
4. Make a covenant with God (ideal to write it): “I, …., as from today, ….., I surrender all of my life to the control of Jesus Christ. From now on Jesus has full control of my will. I am His slave. I will take whatever happens to my life as coming from your hand. And I will praise You and be joyful in You. Signed ….”. From now on you may fail, but God will consider the covenant if you are still committed to it.
5. Once you have signed the covenant, rejoice.
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