SELECTED MESSAGES, a volunteer operated non profit entity, aims to select and distribute worldwide information that will be of high benefit to humankind and please the Creator.

SELECTED MESSAGES’ aim is not to win you to a certain denomination, but rather to win you for Christ, that you may be with Him forever. And truth helps, not only towards salvation, but also for this life, giving comfort and hope like nothing else can.

SELECTED MESSAGES depends on God entirely for all it does. Therefore you are invited to thank and praise Him for the blessings you or others have received or will receive through it. SELECTED MESSAGES does not create. It simply forwards God's priceless gifts to a suffering and dying world. SELECTED MESSAGES paid nothing for these gifts, or for anything else. God paid for them all with the life of His Son. What a God! Praise Him!

SELECTED MESSAGES Pty. Ltd. is registered with ASIC as non profit (see www.ASIC.gov.au).