Marriage in God’s Hands 24

Moral Purity

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In the degenerate society we live in it is possible to be morally pure by wise choices and God’s help.


Moral purity is highly needed these days when there is much lack of it. Husbands are to reserve their eyes for the wife, and the wife should do her best to help her husband keep his covenant, by keeping herself attractive to him. In Job 31:1 it says that “I made a covenant with mine eyes; why than should I think upon a maid?” This does not mean we cannot look at other women, but not take a second look. If we take a second look, what is the reason? Is there an improper reason why I am looking the second time? This is what the covenant is about. Women these days are more aggressive in relationships than in the past, and this applies to them too.

A second area that affects moral purity is how women choose to dress. Women can be a stumbling block to men, or maintain the moral purity of the marriage. And men should too dress modestly. Modest dress can also encourage the respect of others.

Our deportment also reveals what is in our heart, and can affect moral purity. Improper deportment may cause insecurity and jealousy in marriage.

The fourth area is what we watch and read. The kind of music we listen to can be upgrading or degrading morally purity. Our senses, what we hear, what we see, etc can affect us. The billboards, magazine advertisements, etc - everywhere we go we are bombarded by these things. Are we going to look at these things and lust after them, or choose to change the direction of our eyes, of our thoughts?

Philippians 4:8 says that whatsoever things are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of a good report, if there be any virtue or praise, think on these things. For many this is a familiar verse. However is it a familiar experience? Bringing this into our experience will make a huge difference. This verse takes in everything we read, everything we view, every aspect of where our senses are taking us. It is very important that we take these words, especially as Christians, and say “How they apply in my real life today?” We cannot always control what he see or hear. But we should manage our thoughts. The more pure we are in our marriage, the more fulfilled in the intimacy of our marriage we are.

If you want to have a marriage that is heart to heart, what are you doing with the real life, not the theory? There is so much damaging material on TV, that if we are not guarded, we will not maintain purity. It would be a blessing not to have to deal with this temptation (i.e. not have a television in our home).

The fifth are is inappropriate familiarity with one another. The vocabulary we use, inappropriate touching and hugging, things that are prevalent today in the work place, and even in churches. All these things lead to a familiarity that is not appropriate, which can lead to destruction of marriage. There are things that are socially acceptable today, but which are not acceptable to God, and which are destructive to marriages.

The sixth are that can help us to be morally pure is prayer. God will do for us what we cannot do ourselves. But we need to recognize our need and be willing to ask.
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