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Marriage in God’s Hands 23

Keeping Love Alive

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Six important ways to aid in keeping love alive in marriage are outlined in this presentation.


In Ecclesiastes 9:9 we are told that we are to live joyfully with the wife that God has given us. In this presentation six ways how to keep love alive are addressed.

One thing that can keep love alive is the little attentions. He who is faithful in the little things, will be faithful in the big as well (see Luke 16:10). We should not go by our feeling, such as if we are very busy.

Another thing that can keep love alive is daily communication. We have to make choices who we communicate with. Little attentions can enhance the communication. We need to make time to communicate, as we always have things to do.

Taking time for each other was easy to do at the beginning of the marriage or relationship. But the pressures of work, the pressure of education, or even the pressure of our own hobbies and entertainments, take our time for each other. We might find ourselves investing so much time even in good things, that we do not have time to spend with the Lord, our spouse and children. We need to prioritize what matters the most.

The fourth area is keeping love alive by anticipation. Plan things together and thus have something to anticipate. Look forward to be together again at the end of the day.

Praying together can also aid to keep love alive. You may recount the blessings of the day, and talk about them.

The sixth area is daily affection. The way we express affection daily can help keep love alive. If you do not feel like it, you should not go by your feelings.

As you keep love alive, you will have a marriage that is heart to heart.
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