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Marriage in God’s Hands 22

When Counseling Is Necessary

Please do not watch, etc this program during the Sabbath. Thank you.
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Sometimes in marriage it might be necessary to seek help from a counsellor. In such cases it is very important that at least three things are met, which are addressed in this presentation.


Three areas where we need to be sensitive when we seek counselling:

It is very important when going to a counsellor, not to put the other person down, but to seek a solution. When we seek counsel from someone else, we should not seek sympathy for my position, but rather express what is happening from each spouse’s perspective, and than the counsellor seeks to restore. It is very important that the counsellor seeks God for direction as well.

If one spouse will hold on to the Lord, she or he can be a tool in God’s hand to change the spouse to good (see 1 Corinthians 7:14); even bringing him or her to the Lord. You can have a marriage that is heart to heart. Do not say that your problems are too difficult, that it only works for other people. There is life changing power in the gospel of Jesus Christ – power to change your situation.

The second are is where we go for counselling. If you came to a point where you need counselling, go to someone that is going to provide you with unbiased counselling (not a friend who will take sides with you against your spouse), and that is not going to tell others your story. Sometimes it might be a family member that will be unbiased, but that does not happen often. It is important that the counsellor has a walk with God, and gives counsel based on the principles of God’s word. Otherwise there will be man’s ideas which can fix some external issues, but not the heart. Therefore it is important to seek a Christina counsellor.

The third area is that the counselling is based on biblical principles. In Philippians 3:13, 14 we are told “forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the hight calling of God in Christ Jesus.” God will help us forget and give us better things to think of. Instead of living in the past, He gives us the truth of the present circumstances that we can build upon and grow into. He tells us through apostle Paul to think on the things that are pure, holy, just, good and lovely.

We need to challenge you that today if you find yourself in a problem that seems unsolvable, stop going to people that can’t help you, stop going to friends that will only support your side, stop going just for sympathy. The first thing you need is to let the Lord have your heart, because if He has your heart He can than heal your heart. And after this and consulting God’s word you feel that you need further help, than pray earnestly that God will direct you to just the person that you need to counsel with. Make sure that your story will be confidential, that they will take an unbiased position in counselling with you, as well as sharing with you principles from God’s word in finding the true solution to heal your marriage. God is the solution, the mighty Counsellor.
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