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The Heavens Declare 10/10

The Attributes of God -part 2

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Power and understanding are some of the many attributes of God which the heavens declare. The great controversy between good and evil is now taking place on earth where God allows suffering to prove that Satan's accusations of His government are wrong, and that in reality Satan's methods are disastrous.

One attribute of God is understanding, by which He created the heavens. Another is wisdom; and still another power.

In Steps to Christ chapter 18 we are told that heaven will be torture to those that do not have a renewed heart.

The Bible calls Adam the son of God. In Job we are tolled that there are many sons of God. Other planets are inhabited, but only on Earth there is sin.

Planet Earth is the place where the great controversy between good and evil is now taking place. The whole universe is watching and sees how Satan brings suffering and destruction, and God blessings. God allows suffering on earth so that the claims of the Devil, who accused God’s government as not good and fair, may be proven wrong. The Bible tells us that iniquity will not appear again.

In the Bible is written that eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, what God has prepared for those that love Him.
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