The Heavens Declare 9/10

The Attributes of God -part 1

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The heavens declare many of God's wonderful attributes, such as love, mercy and creativity. A law should be maintained between grace and law.

There should be at least 21 attributes of God connected with the heavens.
No mathematician can make a formula for the centre of rotation of three different bodies. But God figured out it for countless stars, and calls them by name.

The heavens declare God’s creativity, His wisdom, faithfulness, love, richness in grace, mercy, etc. In Psalm 103 says that God does not deal with us according to our sin, for as high are the heavens above the Earth, so is His mercy towards those that fear Him.

There are some that like to talk about grace. But the Bible teaches that we must not be of the world. We will not enjoy heaven if we enjoy the world. We need a balance between law and grace.

It is beneficial to praise the Lord.
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