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The Heavens Declare 8/10

Creating a Sun on Earth

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Humans managed to produce a miniature sun where energy is released by fusion. This is nothing in comparison to the billions of galaxies, containing billions of enormous suns each.

The power in the atom is beyond what you can comprehend. We have nuclear reactors where fission takes place (the atom is split), but the sun fuses the atom. Fusion produces 17 times more power than fission. Fusion is dangerous (works well in bombs). Decades have been spent in trying to control fusion.

If the energy could be totally released from a little penny, the energy produced will be equivalent to the chemical energy of 2.2 million gallons of gasoline.

France is big on nuclear energy. A project to perform fusion profitably might take 30 more years to complete.
In USA they managed in 2014 to make a “sun” the size of the head of a match (few millimeters in diameter) which produced 17 000 joules (from an input of 10 000 joules). It has cost 20 billion dollars and 2000 scientists to make this facility. How does this compare to what God created (immense suns, innumerable). There are probably 100 galaxies with 100 billion suns. Could this have happened by chance, when 2000 scientist could make a miniature sun?

In the book Christ’s Object Lessons it says that if you take even one step towards the Savior, He will enfold you in His arms of infinite love.
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