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The Heavens Declare 7/10

The Big Bang Never Happened

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The fact that the theory of the Big Bang has too many issues caused many scientists to believe that it is not a plausible explanation for the genesis of the universe.

There are many scientists that have problems with the Big Bang. The advocates of The Big Bang theory state that the laws of Physics break down as you approach the creation of the universe. But the problem is – where did the physical laws come from.

In Scientific American there was an article entitled “The Cosmic Life Cycle – Origins of the Universe” which includes the following statements:

  • With the Big Bang there was nothing, and than it exploded
  • The Big Bank offers no explanation for the origin of the universe except dumb luck
  • The Big Bank cannot answer six profound questions: 1) How could everything appear from nothing; 2) how come the universe is uniform; 3) the expansion of the universe; 4) dark matter; 5) the density of the universe (everything is so finely tuned that it seems the universe was designed for us)
The Sun is 98% hydrogen, and some helium. So if all the planets came from that, they all (Earth, Mercury, Venus, etc) should have similar composition. But this is not the case.
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