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The Heavens Declare 4/10

Astronomy from a Biblical Perspective -part 1

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There are about 100 finely tunned parameters that make life on earth possible. It is highly improbable for these parameters to have occured by chance. Many of Bible's scientific statements have been proven correct by science.

Some stars explode (novas, supernovas). Some ask what does this have to do with sin and God. We don’t know if that has to do with Romans 8:22. We do not know how far the effects of sin have extended. Some have found helpful Scripture such as Psalm 102: 25, 26 where it says that the heavens will perish.

Few times per year the moon is red (blood moon). Joel 2:31 predicted this will happen before the coming of the Lord.

You can put about 1 million Earths in the Sun.
A constellation is a group of bright stars which we can make an image out of. There are 88 constellations. A galaxy has a hundred billion stars orbiting, with very many in the centre.

The magnetic field of the Earth protects us from particles coming towards it which will cause cancer if permitted to hit us. Everything on Earth is just right for life. The fact that it spins every 24 hours, its position in the Galaxy, its moon to keep the oceans alive; about 100 of such finely tuned parameters are just right for life. If even a single variable was off, even slightly, we would not exist. The extreme improbability for so many variables to align themselves in our favor has led some scientists and philosophers to propose that it is God who providentially engineered the Universe to suit our specific needs.

If everything evolved from the Big Bang, where are the anti particles?
In the Bible it says 17 times that God stretched out the heavens. This agrees with the expansion of the universe.
When it was believed that the Earth was flat, the Bible in Isaiah 40:22 described it as a circle.
Psalm 102:25, 26 says that the Earth is waxing old like a garment. The magnetic field of the Earth is becoming weaker. The soil is being eroded into the Ocean. The Earth is slowing down, and so on. This agrees with the second law of thermodynamics.
When it was believed that the Earth was stationary and everything revolved around it, the Bible said in Job 38:14 that it turns.
The Bible also states that the Earth hangs on nothing (Job 26:7).

The Bible says that if we will seek God with all our heart, we will find Him. Search for Him, because He is not going to turn you away. He is in the business of saving human beings.
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