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The Microscope & DNA -part 2

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There are many problems with the theory of how the universe came into existence and life started on Earth from an evolutionary perspective. Miller's amino acids producing experiment has many issues probably not disclosed by evolutionists. The fossil record does not support the theory that one species evolved from another (links between species are missing).

The ATP motor in every cell produces the energy necessary to run the DNA, which in turn dictates how the motor is to be. You need both.

In this presentation where we come from will be addressed. The Bible says in the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth. Evolution says from the Big Bang. The Big Bang violates the first law of thermodynamics, which says that energy cannot be created, but only changed from one form to another.

The experiment that Miller did in making amino acids should not be able to support evolution since there are some things that are probably not told in the classroom. Life requires left-hand amino acids. One right-handed amino acid would destroy what you want to do (i.e. create life). But the resulting amino acids from Miller’s experiment produced both left and right handed amino acids. Also in Miller’s experiment they selected the chemicals used: methane, ammonia, hydrogen hitted at 250°C. The chemicals were measured and added at the correct time. The electric spark was produced at the right time. Liquid nitrogen was used to condense it. A vacuum was used to save the amino acids, and so on. Intelligence was used to make this. This is the best they’ve got for evolution, and this result will kill you (the right handed amino acids). Another problem is how these chemicals were made. They require special processes and conditions.

Evolutionists avoid talking about how life started. Once they have an amoeba, they say that when the DNA is replicated, some beneficial mistakes are done. Than comes natural selection and selects that; and that is how we came here. Natural selection however eliminates species, not creates them.

There is a lot of deception in the evolution theory. Harold Cook discovered a tooth in a gravel pit in Nebraska. From this they constructed a whole extinct human. Only to discover later that it was a pig’s tooth. In November 1999 National Geographic had ten pages on t rex with feathers; the title was Feathers for T rex. By April 2000 they discovered that this was a fraud. And there are other such cases because they do not have sufficient evidence for the evolution theory.

There is no evidence of fossils for evolution from one species to another. Thus some propose evolution occurred in jumps, called Punctuated Equilibrium, where entirely new species occurred from totally different species.
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