The Heavens Declare 2/10

The Microscope & DNA -part 1

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Dr. John Sanford, an authority in genetics, became a creationist from an evolutionist after discovering that if you go back 150, 200 generations you have a perfect human gene pool. This proves that devolution is taking place, not evolution; and that in about 100 generations humans will be extinct due to this cause alone (genetical degeneration).

Adam lived 930 years. We inherit perhaps 150th, 200th copy of genes. Each child has 100 mutations not found in either parent. Thus there is devolution, not evolution. Dr. John Sanford, an authority in genetics, put the gene pool (the 100 genes) back together and discovered that if you get back 150, 200 generations you have a perfect gene pool. As a result he became a Christian from an evolutionist. Dr. Sanford looked ahead and said in 100 generations there will be no more humans.
What Dr. Sanford discovered in the lab, Ellen White was shown by God over 150 years ago. In the book Counsels on Health in the chapter entitled The Violation of Physical Law, she writes that if Adam would have possessed no greater physical power than men now have, our race would have been extinct.
We live longer now than previous generations because of advancements in medicine. However we are going downwards.

There are about six billion letters in the genetic code of a human. The instructions in the genetic code dictate what we are like. When the genetic code is copied in cells, errors occur. This is because we live in a world of sin, because we are going downwards; because of pollution, free radicals, etc. The healthier the lifestyle, the less errors are made. Likely there are about 50 genes that fix many of the errors.
Every person is unique, and heaven will miss you if you will not be there.

For an amoeba to develop eyesight, it needs six million beneficial mistakes in the genetic code. However these mistakes don’t take place.

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