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Secrets Beyond the Grave | book

Secrets Beyond the Grave | book image
by Dwight Hall

- Bible based information regarding the state of the dead, where the dead go, to whom are the mediums communicating, etc
- When Dwight's niece died in a horrific accident, he began to hear contradictory explanations as where she is now. This book will dispel the dilemma.
- Why it matters what you believe about the state of the dead.

Most of this book is an extract from The Great Controversy.
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1. The Crisis
2. Questions of Life and Death
3. Where Do We Turn?
4. Why it Matters what you Believe About Death
5. Five Steps to Understanding the Bible
6. Are There Spirits Among Us?
7. The Truth About Demons
8. Dangers of Dabbling with Demons
9. When Angels Went to War
10. The Way of Pride
11. The Biggest Liar of All
12. Why God Allowed Sin
13. The Unmasking of Satan
14. Are Our Loved Ones Among Us?
15. Deceived About Death
16. The Truth About Hell
17. The Unsinkable Theory
18. Where the Wicked Dead Really Go
19. Why Evil Was Spared
20. The Truth About Death
21. The Lurking Danger
22. An Age of Confusion
23. Who or What Are Mediums Contacting?
24. Satan Versus God
25. Taking a Stand
"Oh, God, please let him be there!"
The desperate cry was the beginning of a horrible nightmare for Dwight. His nine-year-old niece Katie was so young and vibrant when her life was suddenly snatched away in a horrible accident.
Yet along with the immense pain of loss, Dwight also began to hear confusing, contradictory explanations about Katie's ultimate fate-some said she went to heaven to be with Jesus, while others said she could be contacted on the other side.
But how could he really know? Did she get a new body in heaven, or did her vaporous spirit remain on earth? With so many different ideas about life after death, how could he discover the truth?
Today, the confusion surrounding the afterlife is more widespread than ever, causing heartache for millions who have lost loved ones. Moreover, Hollywood and television are now focusing intensely on the spirit world, but are their fantastical portrayals just imagination - or are they grounded in reality?
The bottom line is that every one wants to know what happened to their loved ones. Are they happy? Are they safe? How can we be sure they/re not in hell? Can they visit us from beyond the grave, and how do we know that ghostly spirits have purely benevolent motives?
Secrets Beyond the Grave has the straightforward answers to these and other questions that you want and need to know. Dwight teams up with one of America's most published and translated authors, E. G. White, to steer you through the fog of confusion and reveal the stunning secrets that lie just beyond the grave. Grounded on the truth taught by Jesus you'll find true peace regarding your loved ones, giving you confidence for the future and enabling you to overcome the darkest fears we all must face.

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ISBN: 1883012368
Pages: 127