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Walking with God - 1/12

Righteousness by Faith

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The Bible outlines the requirements God has of us in order to enter heaven: purity, perfection, no spot or wrinkle, keeping the commandments (Matthew 5:8, 48; Psalm 24:3, 4; Ephesians 5:27). However it also states that no one meets these requirements (Romans 3:10, 23). Than how can we be saved? In this presentation it is shown from the Scriptures that the solution is not human works, but God’s way; and that is faith in Jesus.

A step by step guide of how to become a true Christian; and how to remain in this experience.

Pastor Samuel Braga is a dedicated Christian. He has lectured in Australia and other countries. At the time of these recordings, he was co-director of Cannot Be Hidden International (www.cbhi.com.au).

The Bible requires his children to be pure in order to see God, and also perfect as our Father in heaven is perfect (Matthew 5:8, 48; Psalm 24:3, 4). When Jesus returns, he will present Himself a Church that has no spot or wrinkle (Ephesians 5:27). In order to enter eternal life, one is required to keep the commandments (Matthew 19:17). The only condition God placed on humans to enter heaven is perfection. However the Scriptures state that no one is perfect (Romans 3:10) and that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23).

The Bible requires perfection, however humans cannot produce perfection. How many try to become righteous by themselves; spending years trying to make themselves good enough to enter heaven. There is only one way by which one can become righteous – it is God’s way, and needs to be discovered in God’s Word.

By keeping the law no one is justified (Romans 3:20). No one is considered righteous by a lifestyle of obedience to the law. If I can do something in order to be righteous, than I do not need Christ, and there is something I can boast about. However salvation is the gift of God, and is not of works, lest anyone should boast (Ephesians 2:8, 9). What we do does not count towards our salvation (becoming fit for heaven). Confidence in the flesh (what we can do) is so natural to human beings. But this goes completely against the teachings of the Bible. What I can do counts for nothing; actually makes things worse (causes me to develop a boastful attitude and trust in myself). We should not trust in ourselves, in what we do, but in Jesus (Ephesians 3:4-9).

The solution:
The righteousness of God is the solution (God’s righteousness is perfect – exactly what God requires). We are unrighteous, but God demands His righteousness. And this is given freely by faith in Jesus (Romans 3:21-26). How do we obtain perfect righteousness? Not by what we can do, but it is a free gift from the Lord. When on Earth, Jesus developed a perfect character which God gives us, if we believe.

If I consider myself righteous, than God cannot justify me, and I’m lost. Therefore the safest place to be is to be humble, and all my trust to be set on all that Christ can do for me.

Abraham, when told by God that he will become the father of many nations, believed God in spite of many reasons why he could doubt God’s word. And this (faith) has been credited to him as righteousness (Romans 4:18-24). If we take hold of the word of God, as Abraham did, who declares us righteous if we believe, than God imputes righteousness to us. The moment that we believe, we are declared righteous – the perfect righteousness that is sufficient to save us.

Thanks be to God for providing us with the righteousness of Christ and thus with salvation.
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