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The Passion of Love | book

The Passion of Love | book image
by Ellen G. White

- See in vivid colors the last hours of Jesus' life, and thus be drawn closer to Him.
- No other book, apart from the Bible, will reveal better how gracious God has been in giving His only Son to die for humanity, than this.

- Contains the last thirteen chapters of The Desire of Ages.
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1. Gethsemane
2. Before Annas and the Court of Caiaphas
3. Judas
4. In Pilate's Judgment Hall
5. Calvary
6. It is Finished
7. In Joseph's Tomb
8. The Lord is Risen
9. Why Weepest Thou?
10. The Walk to Emmaus
11. Peace Be Unto You
12. By the Sea Once More
13. To My Father, and Your Father
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It began quietly in a garden called Gethsemane and culminated violently on a hill called Calvary - a brief moment in time that forever changed the world.

But nothing you’ll see or hear can compare to the gospel truth. And nothing but the Bible itself will ever fill you with hope or inspire you more than the book you now hold in your hands.

Indeed, no picture or film or sound will match the breathtaking detail and power of this beautiful volume from the final chapters of the best selling masterpiece The Desire of Ages, a vibrant and biblically faithful commentary detailing the last hours of Jesus Christ’s life.

This gripping and unique narrative from one of Christianity’s most-published writers goes beyond the physical suffering and explores the deeper spiritual revelation of love’s most poignant act. You’ll understand more about the intricacies of Jesus’ suffering, but you will also learn of a greater suffering that no insult, no lash, and no nail could ever inflict.

If you want to know the true meaning of the passion of Jesus Christ, ask yourself instead, “What is the true meaning of love?” Then open up this book and find the answer.

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Code: SM 004 B PL
ISBN: 1-58019-174-6
Pages: 124