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The Next Superpower | book

The Next Superpower | book image
by Mark Finley

- Compelling evidence that the Bible is trustworthy even when it comes to prophecy.
- Important prophecies in the Bible are clarified.
- Addresses important issues for our time and the immediate future.
- How to be ready for the Next Ruling Power.
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1. Secrets of Ancient Scrolls
2. Super Leader
3. Stopping Hitler in His Tracks
4. Longing for a Home
5. “This Just In…”
6. Revelation’s Most Amazing Prophecy
7. The Longest Bible Prophecy
8. When Truth Demands Change
9. Standing Guard
10. How Can We Avoid the Mark of the Beast?
11. Agents of the Dark Side
12. The Lie at the End of the Tunnel
13. Is the United States the Final Superpower?
14. Leave While You Still Can!
15. Final Showdown
16. A Thousand Years of Guaranteed Peace
17. Living Under the Next Superpower
A king has a troubling dream about a magnificent image…
The head of gold…
The chest and arms of silver…
The belly and thighs of bronze…
The legs of iron…
The feet a mixture of iron and clay…
And a huge boulder that smashes the whole thing to pieces!

What does it all mean?

A prophet offers an amazing interpretation…
In turn, four kingdoms would conquer the world…
And, in turn, four kingdoms would fall…
Never again would the world be ruled by one power,
Though many would try…
Until the very end of time.

There will be wars, the prophet declared. Crime, lawlessness, immorality.
Disasters of every description.

Then a superpower of unimaginable strength and influence will brighten our planet like a star bursting in the heavens, the prophet predicted – and it will last forever.

A dreaming king. An ancient prophecy, spanning 2,500 years. Fulfilled in every particular – almost. Only the last event is yet to happen.

And you are sitting on the front row of the universe.

Known for his tremendous energy, vision, and devotion, Mark Finley is a dynamic speaker and prolific writer.

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ISBN: 0-8280-1918-5
Pages: 255