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Lake of Fire - Discover the meaning of hell | DVD

Lake of Fire - Discover the meaning of hell | DVD image
by Doug Batchelor

- God is Love. Yet how could this be if hell burns for ever? Discover what the Bible has to say regarding this subject. It will surprise and astonish you.
- You will understand that God is much more loving and fair than what most people believe. God needs to be vindicated, and this DVD does that.
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Millions fear it more than death itself

The Bible says that people, angels, and even Satan himself will be cast into the lake of fire at the end of time. But why? What is its ultimate purpose in God’s universe and, perhaps most important, how can you avoid it? 

Trusted Bible teacher Doug Batchelor, host of television’s Amazing Facts Presents andBible Answers Live on SirusXM Radio, explores one of the most enigmatic events found in the book of Revelation. During this hour-long, two-part Bible study, you’ll journey through ancient sacred texts to gain a better yet unexpected perspective about an age-old mystery that will captivate and astonish you. You’ll also come away with a new assurance about God’s love and His plan for those who believe in Him.

Description from: Lake of Fire - Discover the meaning of hell.

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Duration: 1 hour