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God’s Seal or the Mark of the Beast | book

God’s Seal or the Mark of the Beast
by Ion Copăceanu

The great conflict between good and evil will not end until all humans will receive either God’s seal or the mark of the beast, which will determine the eternal destiny of all. Discover which are these signs and how to receive God’s seal, and thus be on the winner’s side.

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00. Foreward
01. Satan and the Beast - Old Friends
02. America in Prophecy
03. The Seal of God and the Mark of the Beast
04. The Beast and His Number – 666
05. Saved By His Grace
06. The Hour of His Judgement has come
07. The Poison of Babylon
08. Let Anyone with Ears Listen
09. Identifying Signs of the Real Christians
10. God in Action
11. Disappointed Hopes
12. God Will Not Be Mocked
13. Judgment and Mercy
14. The Mother and Her Daughters
15. The Mystery of the Beast from the Bottomless Pit
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