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COSMIC CONFLICT: The Origin of Evil | DVD

COSMIC CONFLICT: The Origin of Evil | DVD image
by Amazing Facts with Doug Batchelor

- Travel back into time to witness the fall of a perfect angel, and discover the origin of evil.
- Behold the creation of a new world, and how sin entered planet earth, and understand why there is so much suffering.
- Be amazed by God's matchless love in enduring so much to put an end to the cosmic conflict.

Watch it for free online at CosmicConflict.com
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OUT OF STOCK - please order DISCOVER Prophecy Seminar DVD set instead (it contains some of the information found in this DVD, plus more).

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Chapter 1: Heaven Before Sin
Chapter 1: Lucifer Rebels
Chapter 2: Earth Created
Chapter 2: Garden Temptation
Chapter 2: Final Appeal

Take a spectacular journey back through time and trace the transformation of a perfect angel into Satan, the arch demon – and how he led an army of angels in a revolt in heaven!

Witness the creation of a beautiful new world … feel the suspense as the devil brings his rebellion to Planet Earth … behold the temptation and fall in Eden … and uncover God’s amazing plan to restore people to paradise!

Recorded in high-definition, this Bible-based documentary will help you understand the deepest mysteries of life, explaining how sin and evil could invade a perfect world made by a loving God. The Cosmic Conflict affects every life on earth – including yours!

Audio & Captions: English, Spanish, French

Description from Cosmic Conflict: The Origin of Evil

Code: SM 039 D CCOE
Duration: 41 minutes
Region: 0 (universal)
Translated in: Audio & Captions: English, Spanish, French....