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Amazing Health Facts | magazine

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by Amazing Facts

- Don't have the time to read books on health? Start with this beautifully illustrated magazine which includes information on diet, exercise, rest and more.

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1. Nutrition
2. Exercise
3. Water
4. Sunlight
5. Temperance
6. Air
7. Rest
8. Trust
Discover why what you eat is the foundation of better health – how healthy eating can be a lot more fun than you thought!

Everyone knows they need exercise, but you won’t believe how far even a little exercise will go in keeping you fit!

Millions are chronically dehydrated, and they’re aging quicker and dying younger because of it! Get the facts about H2O!

For years the sun has endured a bad reputation – but it is a key ingredient for better health!

Add years to your life by learning to use the good things moderately and avoiding the bad things entirely.

The air you breathe and how well you breathe it has a huge impact on how long you remain a living being!

Considering that sleep is a crucial element in healing, most people are in for a disease-ridden wake-up call.

Nothing you’ve learned so far will make as much difference in your life as putting your faith in the One who made you.

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ISBN-13: 978-1-58019-288-0
Pages: 55