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Now it is possible, if you would like to duplicate 3ABN material in order to give it away free of charge on any format, to receive permission from Selected Messages to do so on its behalf at no cost to you, irrespective of the country you live in. There are basically three steps:

  1. Inform Selected Messages of the material you would like to duplicate, and the format it should be in (DVD, mp3 CD, USB flash drive, etc).
  2. Sign the agreement Selected Messages will send you, and return it via email or mail. It is not required to sign an agreement each time you request material. Once should suffice. The main requirement in the agreement is that you give away (for free) the duplicated material (i.e. you are not permitted to sell it).
  3. Selected Messages will than send you for free the requested material in the needed format, as God makes it possible. Or you may download it from this website and distribute it on the media of your choice.

This is a dream come true to those that would like to share with others the good news, while not infringing on the copyright of the producer (by unauthorized duplication). The generosity of 3ABN, etc, has made this possible for you at no cost. Praise God!
Time is short. “God gives opportunities; success depends upon the use made of them.” (Patriarchs and Prophets, page 223)
For more details, please feel free to contact Selected Messages.

May God bless you and the work you do for Him. Thank you.

To know what 3ABN programs are available for such distribution, browse this website. Below are some examples:
DISCOVER Prophecy Seminar by David Asscherick
Left Behind - Fact or Fiction by Mark Finley
Kids Time

And not only programs produced by 3ABN are available for such duplication and distribution. Here is an example:
Walking with God by Samuel Braga

Last noteworthy update: 13 August 2017