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I created you,
I died for you,
And want to spend eternity with you,
I love you.

Selected Messages offers selected study material free of charge on topics such as the life of Jesus, prophecy, Bible authenticity, the supernatural and health.

There is no person that ever lived on this planet to have impacted it as much as did Jesus. He claimed to be God who unable to live without you, came on Earth to die for you. Through material from this website you are welcome to find out how.

All of us play an important role in the drama that has been taking place for six thousand years and is about to end. We are part of the final events of Bible prophecy. We cannot afford to ignore the dramatic events taking place on this aging planet, daily with greater frequency and intensity. Nor to ignore the rapid advance of knowledge. All these and many more events have been predicted by the Bible thousand of years ago. Selected Messages makes available to you at no cost quality material that deals with these very topics in detail.

The Bible, you may say, has been outdated, or perhaps after too much duplication has lost its validity. The Bible, because your life is precious, is too important to be ignored without proper investigation. You are invited to do just that by ordering the material offered on this site.

Supernatural phenomena is rapidly increasing worldwide. However not all that appears legitimate is legitimate. The Bible warns against some such manifestations. Backed by the Bible, Selected Messages invites you to take a journey into the supernatural.

To be healthy or not to be healthy. Find the answer how by simply ordering free resources found on this site.

Think outside the sphere you live on. Think heaven.



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